Walcon Transport & HIAB Hire


Truck Mounted Cranes 

We have a fleet of top of the range truck mounted cranes to ensure ease of delivery. We expertly transport containers and other heavy loads using lorry mounted cranes. It is not necessary for the receiving premises to have cranage as containers can be delivered by truck mounted cranes. However, the site has to be accessible by the delivering Heavy Goods Vehicle. This means that there should be enough manoeuvring space to park the vehicle adjacent to where the container is to be placed. The ground will also need to have a good hard-standing surface. It is essential that there are no overhead obstructions at the premises to impede the crane operation.





Loader Services

We have the facility to arrange HIAB deliveries. The lifting capacity of our loader spans 14 meters to 2.25 tonne meters. Using this type of loader reducing the need (and cost) of hiring separate cranes to lift loads on and off each end.


All of our lorries are fitted with the latest tracking technology. This helps us to increase efficiency, increase productivity, provide accurate delivery times and reduce haulage costs.



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