Shipping Containers


Walcon supplies a large amount and range of shipping containers.

All shipping containers have a double door on one end which can be opened completely. Walls are made of corrugated weathering steel sheets, profiled steel frames and wooden floor on steel cross members. They can be stacked up to seven containers high. The eight corners of the units have openings for twistlock fasteners. This aids safe shipping at sea.

A CSC plate will be issued to all customers purchasing containers that are to be used for shipping in accordance with the International Convention for Safe Containers. For more information, please visit the Inter-governmental
Maritime Consultive Organization website at

Each container has a standard ISO 6346 reporting mark. Theres are four characters ling followed by 6 numbers and a check digit. These reporting marks, which are visable on the outside of each container, are used for tracking and identification.
Containers can be shipping all over the world on a single trip without having to be unloaded. They can be transported by container ship, semi trailer truck and freight trains all of which have been designed to suit the container. The twist locks are used to secure the unit whiles in transit.

Although sizes vary very slightly between manufacturers, the weights and dimensions are all common:


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