“Sozo Good to Eat” Testimonial

Great to see “Sozo Good to Eat” Antrim Road doing so well. Joe sent us an update this week:

“Thought I would drop a wee note of big thanks and congrats to you after undertaking a dream I had to use shipping containers for the main focal point in our new ‘Sozo Good to Eat’ restaurant..
Seen the idea after a weekend to East London Shoreditch
Wanted a container for a bar/deli salad bar & till area..
Did a bit of resourcing and scouting about and came up with the guys @ Walcon
Gary & team from start to finish were amazing!
Could see what I was trying to achieve and Jumped at the challenge..😃
It was a great experience and was put at ease with there expertise & friendly professional manner!!
Brilliant job/finish on the final product and really chuffed at the new Sozos concept
Big thanks
Josozo 😍😃x”

Thanks Joe, looks brilliant. Take a look at the pictures below to see the transformation take place. Make sure you check Sozo out the next time you’re looking for some great food!