Containers For Sale

Walcon offer a constant supply of all types and sizes of both new and used containers for shipping or non shipping use.

Containers are a great solution for extra storage space for commercial purposes and also for residential needs. All of our containers are floored with plywood sheets which are approx. 30mm thick. This means that the floor is extremely durable and will last for many years. You can use them to store furniture during home refurbishments or just for gardening equipment that is too big for normal garden sheds!

20ft Containers Click For More Information

20ft Containers Click For More Information

We always have a stock of standard 10ft,  20ft and 40ft containers, as well as a selection of special “one-off” such as side opening containers. Our “One trip” containers generally come in Forest Green and light blue, as seen below. However if you have particular colour requirements we can always supply or paint.

If you are restricted in space and require a container smaller in size, we have a selection of 8ft x 7ft and 10ft x 8ft containers, as seen below.

10ft x 8ft Container Click Form More Information

10ft x 8ft Container Click For More Information

Walcon can supply more specialised containers, such as 20ft side openers, which are particularly useful for customers with large machinery and those who need easy access to equipment.Below shows examples of our 40ft Containers, we can supply new or used and standard height (8ft6) and high cube (9ft6):

40ft Container

40ft  New Container Click for More Information

We can supply all types and sizes of containers which can also be adapted specifically to suit your needs. For example, we can:

-Insulate your container
-Add windows and/or extra doors
-Provide Power Points
-Provide Heaters
-And Much More

If you have any questions at all, get in touch with us today.

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