Container Anti Vandal Units


Walcon can expertly convert shipping containers into Anti Vandal Units fit for a range of purposes.
Shipping containers have such a good basic design that they are perfect for converting to an almost infinite number of alternate uses, principally for extra security, portability, for housing equipment and as a secure anti vandal working environment. We add value to a basic product through product knowledge, design, high quality workmanship and thorough customer service.

You can have as many anti vandal windows fitted as required to your container conversions and we supply security shutters that make the box more thief resistant.

We have stud lined the walls and roof, infilled with ISOWOOL insulation and over-laid this with plastic coated white-face plywood.

The anti vandal container office can be divided into smaller rooms if required. Electrics are an option but most requests include a minimum of some 13 amp sockets and strip lights. Heaters can also be provided. As you can see below, the interior is neat and professional with a finsa finish, leaving the office bright and airy.

Below is an example of a 20ft  AV office conversion with a 10ft split, giving the customer a 10ft store (with container doors) and a 10ft Office.

Anti Vandal Canteens are a popular choice, especially for building sites. They have the security of 10 point locking doors and anti vandal window/s, with the simplicity of being easily transported to the next site. Drying rooms are also a popular option, allowing staff somewhere safe to leave their belongings whilst working on a site.  The images below, show a 20ft x 8ft canteen and 10ft x 8ft drying room.

If you require a smaller office e.g. for a building site or a small location, take a look at the below 10ft bespoke office made specifically to a customers requirements, which included the addition of window guards.


We have made bespoke offices 20ft x 16ft for those clients needing larger office space, take a look below, these particular clients required two full length windows. This provides a large, bright and inviting office space.  The container doors were left on and sealed, this is totally unnoticeable when inside the container but gives it an edge from the outside. The container also has two Anti-Vandal windows and one ten point locking door for security.

Dundrum Castle Office

Dundrum Castle Office


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