20 x 16 “Playroom”

As seen in the image shown below, this bespoke container was made to fulfil the purpose of a “Playroom” for the clients children.

The container is insulated, kitted out with electrics including sockets, lights and heaters. It has been created using two 20ft x 8ft standard containers and is 8ft6 high. The  client requested the containers were painted grey, have full length windows across the front and to the side, with access to the front and side and oak trims to match his home & wood flooring.

Container conversions are usually very specific to the clients needs. If you’re calling or emailing with an idea, it’s very helpful to have a sketch of what your requirements are, so our team have a good idea of exactly what you’re looking for. This helps us quote you quicker and get a feel for the time length the project could take.

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